Sample Paper 5 for Class XII



  M.M. 22


  1. Differentiate between absorption and adsorption.                                                                          2
  2. Explain the following terms: 2

(a) Electro dialysis                  (b) Gels

  1. Describe and explain what is observed when: 3

(i) A beam of light is passed through a colloidal solution of As2 S3.

(ii) Electric current is passed through a colloidal solution.

  1. Explain lock and key model of enzyme activity. 2
  2. What are emulsions? How will you distinguish between two different types of emulsions?           2
  3. Explain Hardy-Schulze rule by taking a suitable example. 2
  4. State an example of: 2

(i) Enzyme                   (ii) aerosol

  1. Explain the application of colloids in. 2

(i) the formation of delta.

(ii) smoke precipitation.

  1. What are associated colloids? Explain the formation of Micelles.                                                    3
  2. What is meant by Brownian Motion? What is the significance of Brownian motion?    2

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