Chemistry is everything

Chemistry is everything

Chemistry is everything..many of you would abide by this and many of you would be wondering what is the fuss all about, is not it that all sciences claim to be the be all and end all of scientific universe.So what sets chemistry apart ? The fact that from metals to plastic,from polythene to paper, from air to water, medicines etc all are possible only because of the basic chemical elements and even relationships personal or professional depend upon chemistry in a scientific and philosophical manner,establishes the uniqueness and omnipresence of chemistry setting it apart in the universe of science and its plethora of subjects.

Chemistry has played a major role in my life ,first as a student of the subject and later on as a teacher.When I embarked on a journey three decades back as a young teacher never did I imagine that this would turn out to be a three decades love affair with the subject that has continued till date as a student of the subject and a guide and mentor to the inquisitive young minds helping mold many a careers in fields of medicine,engineering and many others.

Through our classes and website, we are trying to blend the experiences of classroom and practical learning while harnessing the advances in information technology to reach the young scientific minds out there for whom computers have become a part and parcel of everyday living.This website would offer a bouquet of study techniques including blogs,audio-visual tools

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