Sujata Chawla the founder of Chawla Chemistry Classes took teaching as her profession more than 2 decades ago right after completing her M. Sc Chemistry and B. Ed. Her interest and in depth knowledge of Chemistry (and science) combined with her dedication led her to become one amongst the senior most faculty members soon. She has increased her knowledge by way of rich teaching experience with reputed schools in Jaipur and is now running her own Coaching Centre from past 10 Years. In her 26 years of experience in teaching chemistry she has gathered strong grip on the subject and is successfully able to benefit students from 11th and 12th Grades. Also, she is providing coaching to students preparing for Competitive Exams.

In her teaching career Sujata Chawla has come across thousands of students from different backgrounds and hence understands the psychology of her students very well.  Her concept based teaching methods and continuous thrive to make learning Chemistry a fun experience is what makes her stand out of the crowd. She connects with her students well and is able to explain complex problems to them is a easier and understandable manner.  Also, to avoid linguistic barriers and to facilitate easy and comfortable development of students, both English and Hindi are used as teaching medium in Chawla Chemistry Classes.

Chawla Chemistry Classes is not just about teaching but the overall academic environment and comfortable teacher -student relationships is highly conducive for growth and development of students which helps them to stayed focused and dedicated towards their goal.